Chicken Boy Implores You!

Look at me. Just look. I am obviously far cooler than you could even conceive. I have an arrogant cigarette and an insolent chicken. What are YOU in the face of this? Nothing. You are nothing. Now that we have established this... please enjoy the following previews, and have a nice day.

I have two of my favorite books out this week, and I have previews for them below.

This is the Niko Henrichon cover for Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes # 19. I flat out love this cover, and it's in this issue where I think I really began to get a handle on this title. Click on the image for a preview, and remember, it's already out, so you can run out and buy it RIGHT NOW, most likely leaving work, or blowing off that cute girl / guy in the bar, if you happen to be reading this on your cell phone.

And here's the cover for Spider-Man & the Secret Wars # 2, wherein I answer two problems that vexed me for years in Secret Wars. And no... the questions I answer are not, "Who the hell designed fashions in the 1980's?" or, "Shouldn't someone bitchslap Colossus?" I would have needed 1000 pages to answer the first question, and only one panel to deal with the second. Neither one would make for a good comic, so I dealt with other questions. Click on the cover for a preview.


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4 Responses to Chicken Boy Implores You!

  1. Chris McAree

    Chicken Boy: Future Super-villain! He already has his “dead-eye stare” down-pat!

  2. Paul Tobin

    Agreed. That kid just chills me to the bone. I’d steer way clear of him, as I don’t need an obituary that talks about me having been slaughtered by a six-year-old boy and his chicken.

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  4. I love the chicken boy;lol

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