A Very Strange Sort of Spider-Girl Preview

So… today marks the officially unofficial start of the Spider-Girl series. Yeah… on a Sunday. For reals. This is because we’re having fun with the book, and one of the things we’re doing is having Spider-Girl tweet. She often does it instead of talking in captions, or talking to nearby birds, or reflecting out loud. And… we’re going to put those tweets on twitter as well. She has a real life Twitter account right… HERE.

So… if she tweets in the book, you can find the tweet online as well.

But… there’s MORE.

The tweets that will be in the Spider-Girl backup for this week’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man # 648 are going online TODAY. So… you can get an odd sort of tweet preview of the story.

And… there’s MORE.

When editor Nate Cosby and I first started working on the book, we talked about how there was so much to be said with a character, so much character development, so many character’s thoughts that never make it onto a page. This is a way to get some of those character thoughts out there, so her twitter account can be followed / used to get even more of the story and her character. There will be far more tweets than make it into the actual comics. There’s ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to follow the twitter account in order for any of the printed stories to make sense. It’s all right there in the comic. But… we (myself, and editors Tom Brennan and Steve Wacker) are looking at The_Spider_Girl’s twitter account as a sort of DVD extra: a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Spider-Girl tick. So… it all starts today, and it’s just a way to give everyone MORE, and I hope you enjoy.


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3 Responses to A Very Strange Sort of Spider-Girl Preview

  1. Dean

    Makes me wonder whether Marvel sets up Twitter accounts for all of their well-known characters, just in case. Are ‘@Red_Hulk’ and ‘@Buckycap’ just waiting for the right title/creator to come along? 🙂

  2. Paul Tobin

    We’re not that forward thinking, unfortunately. When we decided to do this Spider-Girl one, the name “Spider-Girl” was already taken. We ended up going with “The_Spider_Girl” which I now like better anyway.

  3. George

    After reading through – and enjoying – all of the favourite cover artist posts as they’ve been coming in, I thought I should finally make a comment! So, I’m looking forward to Spider-Girl a lot, and hope it does well.

    I also have to take back some unkind things I might have said about the Guardian in the past since this was on their website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/nov/09/spider-girl-hero-waiting-for

    I think the twitter idea is a good one as well, although I already have some trouble distinguishing between fiction and reality as it is.

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