Big Career move thingy for me

Just a quick announcement, here, that “Prepare To Die“… my first novel… will be published at the start of this summer (I believe June 5th is the target date) by the wonderful folks at Night Shade Books, who have been aces in every regard, and are easily one of the best publishers around.

"Huh? Wha...? I get to read an ENTIRE NOVEL written by Paul Tobin?!!" Yes you do, Totoro. Yes you do.

There will be, believe me, further announcements as the book becomes ready to be ordered, but I wanted to share this news at this point, because I’m very excited to unleash some pure storytelling and really delve into characters on a level that would take fifty comic book issues to explore. And, no… I won’t be leaving comics. I love them too much. But I do expect this to be the beginning of many more novels to come.

I want to write so many books that they will cover the shelves, and Bookstore Beagle will have to find a new home.

At some point before release I’ll probably be putting up a small chunk of the novel, the first chapter or so, but for now I’ve dropped in the general synopsis below. I’m actually using the superhero genre as a transitional stage between the two aspects of my writing career, the novels and the comics. It’s a very different sort of superhero story, though. One where I can explore emotions and characters in a way that comics don’t generally allow. If you’ve been enjoying my writing, then you’ll enjoy this.

PREPARE TO DIE: It happens in every battle involving a superhero and his deadly arch-nemesis: that moment when a triumphant villain turns his evil gaze on the hero and intones, “Prepare to die!” This time, with the heroic Reaver fighting against Eleventh Hour (a team of villains headed by Octagon, the criminal mastermind) our hero has only one reply… “How long?” This confuses Octagon, who asks what Reaver means, and Reaver responds, “You said I should prepare to die. Sounds fair. How long do I have for my preparations?”

And so starts the story of “Prepare to Die!” wherein Reaver, allowed two weeks to arrange for his now-inevitable death, travels home to Athens, Oregon, a small town where he hasn’t been in over a decade. It’s a small town that celebrates his birthday with a yearly festival. A small town that is secretly still home to the surviving relatives of Paladin, a lovable raconteur of a superhero who was once Reaver’s partner, and who was far more popular with the press and public before his untimely demise. Moreover, Athens is the site of the accident that gave both Reaver and Paladin their powers, and home to Adele Layton, Reaver’s hometown sweetheart, a girl he hasn’t talked to since he left Athens, and the girl he knows he should have married.

But will a man with no future find it easier to reconnect with his past? And how will Octagon’s shocking revelations change Steve’s plans? Most challenging of all, how can Steve simply give up his life when he finds that Adele, the woman he loves, has been waiting for over a decade in the hopes that he would finally… come home?

Thanks, everyone! And... I hope to see you on the bookshelves!


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13 Responses to Big Career move thingy for me

  1. This is great news. I’m glad you’re getting a chance to stretch out a little and tell a story. I’m really looking forward to it!

  2. This is wonderful news! Congratulations on the new feather in your cap. It sounds like a great story, you’ll have one guaranteed preorder from this guy right here!

  3. Paul Tobin

    Thanks much! I’m SO excited to finally get this out in people’s hands. It’s a new world for me.

  4. Paul Tobin

    Thanks, Ryan! Your support really makes me happy. I’ve been wondering how my comics readership would translate into my prose readership, and so far the reaction seems to be really encouraging. Much appreciated.

  5. Can’t wait. More accurately, I don’t want to wait, but I will because I must.

    I’m prepared to read. Congratulations!

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  8. John

    Is there anywhere we can preorder or do we have to wait?

  9. Paul Tobin

    Not open for preorder yet, but I will definitely be hollering out (again and again) when it is!

  10. Paul Tobin

    Thanks, Jim! And thanks for waiting. Believe me, I’m far more impatient. I’m sure you know how it goes.

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  12. Jen Ralston

    This is really exciting, Paul! I’m really happy for you and I can’t wait to read your book. Say hi to Colleen for me. I hope you guys are happy and healthy. – Jen

  13. Paul Tobin

    Thanks much, Jen! I’ll tell Colleen you said hello and, yes… things have been well for us. Hopefully for you as well!

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