Top Ten Insane People: A “Colder” countdown: #1: Nimble Jack

Wheeee! I'm the most-insanest!

Hah! I’ve been lying to you this whole time about Declan, the main character from Colder (which is OUT TODAY) being number one on this list. When it comes down to it, he’s just not as insane as his little ol’ nemesis, Nimble Jack. So… welcome to number one, featuring a character from Colder number one, which, I might have mentioned, IS OUT TODAY! Colder, of course, is my creator-owned series in tandem with the eerie-and-eerily-talented Juan Ferreyra, and it is OUT TODAY (mentally insert trumpets here, please) from the fine people at Dark Horse Comics.

Art in progress of all the main characters from Colder, including the one I deem the most batshit.

So… here ends my countdown of my current top ten favorite insane people, a list focusing on the “wacky eccentric” type of crazy, rather than the much less amusing Ed Gein / Hitler / subhuman folks. All nine of the previous folks have been real, of course, but I get to use the number one spot to promote my comic because if I want then I can just take this blog and go home, and also I want all the candy.
Going to make this blog a quick one, because I know you all want to run out and buy comics, eat pizza and kick ass, so here’s some more preview art from Colder.

A poor / unfortunate / wretched woman is about to learn that Nimble Jack ain't got it all together, and that insanity feeds on itself.

Who's hungry for a bit of insanity? It's TASTY!

Let me introduce you to a few of my friends.

Colder # 1... ON SALE TODAY!!


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