NEW BANDETTE: FREE! Urchin Stories # 2


We’re continuing our fun exploration of some of the secondary characters in Bandette, as part of my personal belief that there’s no such thing as secondary characters, only untold stories. This time the focus is on the hardest working and most-secondhand-smoke-breathing police officer in the story, Heloise!

Helping with the art this time is my friend, the lovely and talented Tina Kim. Thanks for art-ing, Tina!

Tina’s website is… HERE.

Okay… the FREE STRIP can be found RIGHT HERE!. You can click RIGHT HERE and GET A FREE TWO PAGE COMIC. There is also a link for the first of the free strips, and of course you can purchase episodes of Bandette for a mere 99 cents right here! I will humbly say that it is the greatest thing of all great things.

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