Cartoonists Model Socks

I know that it’s terribly cliche for cartoonists to model socks, but here’s yet another batch of cartoonists modeling them, including me. The photos come from SOCK DREAMS (the company that makes half of my studio shiver with near orgasmic glee) after they stopped by Periscope Studio (aka: Studio That Paul Belongs To) and we did us some modeling. I can only say I’m sorry for spreading SO MUCH SEXY on your computer screens.

That's my bald head in the 2nd panel. And the dog is Sally, who is our unofficial mascot, and who ghost-writes about half my comics.

That ol' Periscope gang of mine. Look how well we model socks! I'm right there in the middle of it, rocking the "lights shining off my head" look. I wish you could see how awesome the socks I'm modeling are. Also, hey "Why Aren't There More Women In Comics?" people... note the look of Periscope Studios, please. There are a LOT of women in comics. There just aren't a lot of women doing comics of the type that women don't generally care about. It's like saying, "Why aren't there more women in competitive ball-scratching?"

This scares me. Probably going to use this as an author photo for my horror titles.



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4 Responses to Cartoonists Model Socks

  1. Dean

    Does this mean that you’ll be abandoning comio writing for the money and glamour of sock modelling? Say it ain’t so!

  2. Paul Tobin

    Yes. That’s the truth of it. I’ve enjoyed writing, but it’s nothing but sock modelling from now on. I simply must go where the muse takes me.

  3. Annie

    My boyfriend thinks I’m pretty good at ball-scratching (his) and would likely be supportive if I wanted to turn pro

  4. Paul Tobin

    Do it! The sport can use more female athletes, and has been far more open ever since Elizabeth Throckmorton had her fine showing at the 2009 International Championships in Barcelona!

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