Me: Seattle: Convention: Just the FACTS

FACT: I'm going to be at the Emerald City Comic Convention this weekend.

FACT: All ostriches are creepy.

FACT: I... I... awww, man. That's adorable.

FACT: You will be sad if you miss this show!

FACT: I usually try not to be a dick at conventions, so you might as well say, "Hello!"

FACT: All creators are like this.

FACT: I'll be signing at the Dark Horse booth at 2:00 on Saturday.

FACT: I'll have a table with the rest of the merry ol' Periscope crowd, the studio of which I'm a part. Our tables are 2621/2627

FACT: I'm not sure about that last fact, actually, as the maps are a bit confusing, and in the words of my fellow Periscoper Ron Chan, "The ECCC website says that Periscope island are booths 2621/2627. I'm fairly certain that is actually wrong, and that it should actually say 2621/2617, as 2617 is actually the booth adjacent to 2621, and I don't see a 2627 anywhere on the floor map." So I might have lied to you about that last one being a fact.







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2 Responses to Me: Seattle: Convention: Just the FACTS

  1. Dean

    You can tell that emus are insane, just by looking them in the eye. It’s probably the same with ostriches. They know that they should be able to fly, but they can’t, and it makes them crazy.

  2. Paul Tobin

    I’d never before thought of those poor bastards watching other birds soaring through the sky and then flapping their little wings, silently weeping.

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