More FREE Bandette!

Your free pass is sponsored by the new "iBelieve" (tm) technology. You have to merely think that you want this Bandette short story to be free, and then it will be. Offer not valid on thinking of other things you wish were free, like groceries, rent, and the phone number of that barista you've been eyeing like a moonstruck puppydog.

TODAY! The third bonus Bandette: Urchin Stories!

The Three Ballerinas star in “The Call” written by me and drawn by Jonathan Case, creator of of Sea Freak and artist for The Green River Killer and The Creep!

This free new strip is up and just waiting for you to read it at! Also be sure to read the other two Urchin Stories, “Signs”, with art by Steve Lieber, and “A Hint From Heloise”drawn by Tina Kim!

Because it was a strip concerning the 3 Ballerinas, I wanted an artist talented at drawing the ladies. I went with Jonathan Case. I did well. He did well. Well, well, well!

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