Free Bandette / Pimento story… by Jennifer Meyer

It's time for another free story!

TODAY! Huzzah and Presto! It’s the fourth free installment of Bandette’s Urchin Stories! Each of these stories is written by me, and then illustrated by some of my favorite artists (and I have pretty good taste).

In this one, Bandette’s dog, Pimento, stars in “Good Boy!” … illustrated by the super-most splendid Jennifer Meyer!

What story lurks beneath this adorable image? You'll have to spend NOTHING to find out!

This free strip is wagging its tail, waiting impatiently for you to read it at! Also be sure to read the other Urchin Stories, “Signs”, with art by Steve Lieber, and “A Hint From Heloise”drawn by Tina Kim! Also… the Three Ballerinas star in “The Call” drawn by Jonathan Case!

If you missed the link above, here is where you can click to get the story… FOR FREE!

But, please, I do not understand. Are not ALL things free?

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