Brand New Bandette Story: FREE

Huh? Is THIS yet another free Bandette story? Why, yes it is! How can Colleen Coover and I afford to keep putting out free Bandette stories? Well, it’s very simple. Here’s the money we made on Bandette LAST WEEK ALONE.

Now, we used most of the money on our project to build a giant-size Hong Kong Phooey robot and on what could only be called a pancake orgy, but we still have enough left over to live off of, so why not do something nice for our readers? Thus… a free story concerning Monsieur, Bandette’s mysterious rival! The story is written by me and illustrated by my friend Alberto Alburquerque.

Monsieur! Who IS he?

Hey! That’s the question I just asked! Will the question ever be answered?

That’s what I thought.


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