New FREE Bandette “Urchin Story” by Rich Ellis

YES! It’s once again time for a brand new FREE Bandette story! Why do we keep putting out FREE Bandette stories? One simple reason. Colleen Coover and I want everyone on Earth to have the same joy of life that Johnny Cash had whenever he was eating cake.

Just LOOK at that guy.

This time, I’ve teamed up with artist Rich Ellis, who you might remember as the artist for Memorial over at IDW, or you might remember him for the years he spent as Jet Jaguar, protecting Japan from giant monsters.

Artist Rich Ellis

If you’re unfamiliar with the Urchin Stories, it’s where I team up up with artist friends to delve into the stories of some of the characters in BANDETTE who deserve a bit more screen time. This time, Rich and I have teamed up for a brand new three page Monsieur story, which you can read by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Le Preview

Or, you know, I suppose you could read it by clicking this whole line. This one too.


Le preview, part deux.

AND… if you haven’t read the other free Urchin Stories, they’re right here!


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