Bandette Hardcover… THIS week!!!

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Okay, so the Bandette Hardcover was supposed to be out last week, but there was a bit of an irritating snafu at the distributors. That’s okay… I’ve had some VERY wise people calm me with their wisdom.

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So please look in your favorite comic store, bookstore, or alternative dimension for the Eisner award winning, Bandette, available for the first time in print! I’m pretty confident it will be there THIS time.

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And… as always, let us know what you think. I’m very proud of this book, as is Colleen Coover, MonkeyBrain Comics, and Dark Horse Comics… and I thank everyone for coming together to make it a reality.

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2 Responses to Bandette Hardcover… THIS week!!!

  1. It was waiting for us at our comic shop on Wednesday. I sat down and read it that night. It’s fantastic! I hadn’t ever been aware of Bandette before the Previews solicit, so we’re glad we saw that and ordered the book. Thanks so much to you both and the people at MonkeyBrain and Dark Horse for bringing it out in print format.

  2. Paul Tobin

    And thank you, too, Skye. I always like to know who’s out there reading. And I’m so happy to have Bandette in print. I LOVE the digital format, but there’s also something about holding a tangible book in my hands that makes me feel grand.

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