Jingle Hype: Part 4: Bionic Woman

This week, I’m giving a daily showcase to one recently released work of yours truly that you could be reading for the holidays, or giving out as gifts to those people you love, tolerate, desperately desire, are trying to impress, or to those you need to pretentiously prove you’re better by showing them that you read quality literature, while they’re still rolling around in copies of Captain Morose and Maudlin Lad. Monday was the Colder trade collection. Tuesday was the Plants Vs. Zombies HC. Yesterday was the Eisner-award-winning Bandette, and today is the kick-assedry of the Bionic Woman.

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 10.26.03 AM

I grew up watching reruns of the Bionic Man, and vastly preferred the Bionic Woman because A): she was prettier, and B): I think she was a better actor than Lee Majors.

Lee Majors

Sorry, Lee… but it’s just true. Anyway… it was a lot of fun to write a romping adventure story starring the Bionic Woman, published by the fine folks at Dynamite Comics. The collection is available at those comic book stores not scheduled for destruction by Godzilla, and from many online distributors.


And, with that, I give you the rest of the week’s offerings.

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 11.54.33 AM

What can be said about Bandette? She’s just the devil-may-care best thief in the world. She’s the candy-bar eating adventuress. She’s my all time favorite creation, featuring art by the Eisner award winning cartoonist, Colleen Coover. Bandette has won or stolen the hearts of every one who’s run across her, and her adventures are suitable for all ages, in my little ol’ opinion.

The Bandette adventures are SUPER CHEAP… 99 cents a pop at the wonderful ComiXology. As for the hardcover, I highly recommend you picking up Bandette from your local comic or book store (support local!) but if you can’t find it there, then check the following two links…

BANDETTE from Amazon.

BANDETTE from TFAW… the Dark Horse affiliated comic book type store place.

And now, following, are the other books I’ve posted this week, so you can see that my mind goes all over hell when I’m writing.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 10.21.53 AM

It’s a fun adventure romp suitable for the entire family, notable for the awe-sational art by Ron Chan, and for the sense of humor that such notable critics as my mother have described as “wry” and “troubling” and “what have I created, oh god what have I done?”

Both the Colder trade collection and Plants Vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon are available at all the most pleasant comic and book stores, and here’s a couple links for the PvZ book to make supporting literacy just that much more simple.

Give Me That Book.

Give Me That Book From the Dark Horse Affiliated Comic Store.

And don’t forget Colder, spoken of in glowing terms by its creator, below!

Colder trade

Co-creator / artist Juan Ferreyra and I have obviously created a Christmas classic here. The collection includes not only all five issues, but a bonus art gallery and a 2 page intro to the NEXT Colder series, which Juan and I will start releasing quite soon after we finish our upcoming run on the Prometheus comics for the big Dark Horse Comics Prometheus / Aliens / Predator crossover.

Here’s a couple of links to make it easy to nab up a copy of Colder. It’s the holidays! Treat yourself!

I am link # 1.

I am link # 2.

I am not a link.

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