I Was The Cat: The Single Greatest Achievement in Human History

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I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that I Was The Cat… written by myself, illustrated by the amazing Mr. Benjamin Dewey, and published by Oni Press… is the single greatest achievement in all of human history. I realize that there are strong contenders, of course. There’s…


Tex Avery Cartoons.


Wonder Woman.

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The Muppet Show.

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Wonder Woman on the Muppet Show.


And of course there’s Audrey Hepburn. These are all amazing accomplishments, benchmark achievements that humanity might never equal, but just look at this graphic novel…

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I Was The Cat is the story of Burma, the cat, and his nine lives. You know all those famous historical depictions of the rich and powerful with cats on their laps, all those images of megalomaniacal dictators petting a tabby’s head? Of course you do. What you didn’t know is that all of those cats, all throughout history, were the same cat. They were Burma, in disguise, each and every one of them. They were Burma’s past lives. They were Burma’s past attempts to take over the world. Now, in today’s world, he’s ready to tell his story to Allison Breaking, an American reporter in London. But Allison slowly finds out the real truth behind Burma’s stories, and what the cat is doing with his current life, the last of his nine.

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Come along for the action…

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And the suspense! And if that’s not enough…..

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We have Audrey Hepburn, too.


Pretty persuasive, right?

I Was The Cat is currently being serialized on Comixology (click HERE to order) and will debut as a hardcover during the San Diego Comic Convention, just prior to its official release on August 6th. But, no reason to wait! You can preorder right HERE.


And this is how you’ll feel if you miss out.



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  1. GDG

    Love this book so hard! Can wait the read the final chapter later today. Such a great concept, Tobin!

  2. Paul Tobin

    Thanks so much!

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