Prometheus # 1… THIS WEEK!!!


It’s time! This week, our big Prometheus, Aliens, Predator, Aliens vs. Predator mega-series BEGINS! Artist Juan Ferreyra and I are humbly pleased to present the launch title for the project that links all these worlds.


We’ve put a LOT of work into these comics, working in tandem with the other writers… Josh “Nailbiter” Williamson on Predator, Chris “Edison Rex” Roberson on Aliens, Christopher “High Crimes” Sebela on Aliens vs. Predator, and our project mastermind, Kelly Sue “Pretty Deadly” DeConnick on our concluding “Omega” issue.

The above image is the regular cover, but… looky… here’s a nice Paul Pope variant cover.


Prometheus, I assure you, is full of… ACTION!


Okay, maybe it’s not quite like the above, but there’s definitely action. And… honestly… I was mostly going for characterization. I feel that’s my strong point, and it’s the horror of the Prometheus / Aliens movies that have always resonated with me… the combined sense of NOT knowing what’s out there, and also being fully AWARE of what’s out there.

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 11.19.32 AM

Here’s a look at the love that Juan puts into every panel. LOVE HIM BACK by purchasing Prometheus # 1, and maybe a few beers.


Also… I would REALLY appreciate you picking up a copy of Prometheus # 1, because I’ve been waiting for SO long for this to come out, and… when it finally does… I’ll be at the dentist. Damn it.


And don’t forget it’s just the start of a lovingly constructed mega-series, with other books by talented folks, including Dave Palumbo, who did up this little ol’ painting for us!



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