And then there were two… volumes of Bandette!

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Yep! Today marks the day that Colleen Coover and I, in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics, release the second volume of Bandette. We’re super happy about this, because in some ways it feels like having two volumes out is like having five times as many collections, when in reality it’s only like… what… three times? I’m not sure. I’m no good at math. But I am good at writer-ing, and Colleen is even super better at drawer-ing, and we’re really proud of what Bandette has turned into. And, if you’ve been already reading on ComiXology, where Bandette is first released, there’s still lots more in this volume to dig into. There are Urchin Stories by Jonathan Hill, Lucy Bellwood, Ron Randall, Patrick Scherberger, Sheli Hay, Emi Lenox, and my Plants vs. Zombies partner, Ron Chan! Plus, there’s a prose story by yours truly, with spot illustrations by Colleen. The story, “The Cards On The Table,” gives a secret background look at some of what’s been going on, and sets up what’s going to happen in the next storyline, entitled, “The House of the Green Mask.”

There’s also a real life look at some of what Bandette steals in the comic, and there’s a script sample and character designs pages, for a behind-the-scenes look at how Bandette is made.

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And of course there’s action o’ plenty!

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You don’t need to knock first… just come on in to the second volume of Bandette, available at all comic shops TODAY, and then bookstores soon after… on April 28th!

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Oh, there CERTAINLY is. In fact, there are several thieves in the house of Absinthe, the dread leader of FINIS. Will they be discovered? Will Bandette forget to even hide?

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Oh no! Is this the end of Bandette?

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Oh Heloise, what have you done?

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And what has Bandette found up her sleeve? All of these mysteries and more are to be revealed in Bandette, volume two, available today at all comic stores, and then in regular ol’ (still super cool) bookstores in the next couple weeks.

Don’t let the good things in life pass you by!


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