GENIUS FACTOR book covers: revealed!

book covers

So… here they are! The covers for the American and UK editions of one of my MAJOR projects of late. Genius Factor is the story of awkward super-genius Nate Bannister, as seen through the eyes of his sixth grade classmate, Delphine Cooper. Together, they fight a secret war against the Red Death Tea Society, a society of genius super assassins who also happen to brew some pretty darn good tea.

The first book, “How To Capture An Invisible Cat” comes out in March of 2016, and then four more books will follow at 9 month intervals, published by Bloomsbury. I have a LOT of fun writing these all-out constant adventure stories, and while they’re marketed for younger readers, I think they’re fitting for everyone who likes cracking a smile, and wondering what’s next, always what’s next. Plus… there’s a dog.

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