Friday the 13th? I got a whole book about that!

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It’s Friday the 13th, and that means it’s an EXCELLENT time to pre-order the first book in my new Genius Factor series, a series where Friday the 13th plays a major part! You see, Nate Bannister is a genius. I mean he’s SMART. And not just smart for a 5th grader. He’s the smartest person who’s ever lived… SO smart that he gets a bit bored, and so every Friday the 13th he does three different things that… aren’t smart. I mean NOT smart. This time, among other things, he’s made a giant invisible cat. It goes… WRONG. So wrong.

The Genius Factor books feature Nate and his Friday the 13th problems, all seen through the eyes of his adventurous classmate, Delphine Cooper. Unfortunately, it’s not just the Friday the 13th problems they have to contend with, because… together… Nate and Delphine are the last hope against the Red Death Tea Society, an organization of genius assassins bent on taking over the world and also making some really top-notch high-quality tea.

It’s a wild ride. With a giant invisible cat. And tea.

The first book in the Genius Factor series can be pre-ordered… HERE

Here’s the feeling you’ll have if you read this book!


And here’s the feeling you’ll have if you don’t.


YOU make the call!

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