Genius Factor volume One: Release date… March 1st

March 1st is the debut of my Genius Factor series of novels!

genius factor 1

You can preorder the the book HERE, or you can do a spiffy thing and talk to your local bookstore, because support local bookstores, because they are are awesome.

The Genius Factor series will have five volumes in all, telling the story of how, every Friday the 13th, 11-year-old genius Nate Bannister purposefully does three admittedly not-so-smart things, just to keep life interesting. After all, there’s nothing like a huge explosion of chaos to keep a genius interested! The Genius Factor adventures are all seen through the eyes of Nate’s classmate, Delphine Cooper, a girl with a penchant not only for adventure, but also detention.

In the first volume, Nate’s taught a caterpillar how to read, and he’s mailed a love letter to the most popular girl in school, and… well… he’s not only turned the family cat, Proton, into an abominable giant, but also made him invisible. And Proton, as cats do, is causing trouble. BIG trouble.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the nefarious Red Death Tea Society, known not only for their horribly nasty world-takeover plans, but also their admittedly impressive tea-brewing skills, are choosing the chaos of the feline crisis as the moment to strike against Nate and Delphine, the greatest threats to the society’s domination! It’s going to take all of Delphine and Nate’s courage, creativity, and friendship to save the day. Also a jet-belt. And a talking dog. And snacks.


The full jacket for the book. It is a pretty jacket. There is a picture of me.

Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 12.33.39 PM

And… oh look, there’s erasers! (I don’t have one of these. I want one of these.)

The Genius Factor books are geared for Middle Readers, but I wrote ’em for everybody who enjoys adventure and humor and science, really. That’s probably you. You should read the books.

Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 10.53.22 AM

Be a satisfied reader!

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