MADE MEN: Newsarama Interview


Made Men #1 cover by Arjuna Susini with colors by Gonzalo Duarte

The debut issue of Made Men is coming September 6! In a recent interview with Newsarama‘s Zack Smith, I talk about the series’ main character, Jutte Frankenstein, and the forces that drive her!

From the interview:

mademenspotNewsarama: How did you develop your main character, Jutte?

Tobin: I knew from the start that I wanted a female lead. Since the story is entwined with the Frankenstein mythos, it felt important that the star of the show wasn’t Victor Frankenstein 2.0. In fact, that’s a large part of the story, in that Jutte denied her heritage for years, wanting nothing to do with it. Now, her hand has been forced, and she’s taking alternate ways of expressing what being a Frankenstein means.

Read the interview at Newsarama.


Variant cover by Juan Ferreyra

MADE MEN is a new action dark-comedy mini-series written by me, and artist by Arjuna Susini (Mistry P.I., Shikari Force: Hunters) with colors by Gonzalo Duarte (Big Trouble in Little China, Brik), arriving in comic shops September 6, from Oni Press!

Variant cover by my Colder teammate, Juan Ferreyra(Green Arrow)!

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