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Prepare To Die!… out in trade edition!

So, for those of you who were waiting for the trade / softcover edition of my superbly-and-gratifyingly acclaimed Prepare To Die! novel, it is time. Read it in bed. Read it on the beach. Read it at the park. On the toilet. On the train. On the train toilet. Read it at cafes and ignore the cute barista trying to get your attention because you’re far too into the book. Just… read it. Thank you.

You can get the book… here at Amazon.

Or here at Barnes & Noble.

Or at any proper bookstore, and many other places you might find. Let me know where you grab copies from. That sort of thing interests me.

The Stork dropped off a big box of these babies at my apartment. And I'm going to sell them. I guess I'm a horrible person. But a good author!

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