I Wield A Savage Sword


and... SORCERY!!

Yes… as many of you already know, I’ll be writing some Conan stories. I’m REALLY looking forward to this, as Conan was one of the staples of my youth, and I’m still a huge fan of that rascally  head-cleaving, Pict-kicking, jewel-thieving, harlot-spanking fellow.

Here’s a link (click here, by Crom!) to an article / interview talking all about it.

I hope everyone that’s been following my work at Marvel gives my Conan writing a look. I’ve been having a good deal of fun, trying to stay true to the spirit of Robert E. Howard. Because of this, I’ve been reading a lot of REH’s material, and the great Conan mags of the seventies and eighties, and generally researching barbarians as a whole. I’ll share a bit of my research, below.

Some barbarians terrorize you in entirely different ways.

He who wields the sword, rules supreme.

WTF? Tobin! Crom take you! You are fiend to post such things!

You’re right, Conan. I apologize. Here. I’ll make up for it with a sultry dancing girl.

And... now you all hate me. But read Conan, folks!


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4 Responses to I Wield A Savage Sword

  1. Dean

    Are you writing an original story, or adapting REH’s work? From the article, the story kind of sounds like ‘Tower of the Elephant’.

  2. Paul Tobin

    All brand new. But yeah… Tower of the Elephant is a classic, and mine has Conan and a rival / friendly thief, but not much connection beyond that. I can see how a brief rundown might seem similar, though.

  3. Wow! Paul, you’re going to get me reading Conan for the first time since Busiek turned in his last issue for Dark Horse. Congrats!

  4. Paul Tobin

    Thanks, Brian. Yeah… I’m pretty stoked about working on the big bad barbarian. Fun getting used to his voice.

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