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I’ve been working in conjunction with Dark Horse and Spielberg on a project called “Falling Skies“… an online comic that’s helping to promote Spielberg’s upcoming Falling Skies television show… due out in June. I was brought in to tell the prequel story… bringing the story right up to the moment where the television show begins. Each other week we’re posting four pages of the story, for a total of 64 pages, and it’s all wonderfully free. Ain’t life grand? Yes it is… at least until the aliens attack.

Here’s where you can read the comic at TNT’s “Falling Skies” webpage.

And here’s the comic at Dark Horse’s site.

Noah Wyle and Moon Bloodgood star as Tom Mason and Dr. Anne Glass… two people caught up in the wake of an alien invasion.

Above is an example of the hideous alien invasion that... oh... hold on. Wrong photo.

Here... this is more like it.

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