It is time for… Spider-Girl!!

That’s right! This Wednesday finally sees the release of Spider-Girl # 1. I’m super-excited to have this book out there. Ex-Marvel Editor Nate Cosby and I started this road long ago, and when Nate left Marvel to perform bulldog tricks in a Russian circus, editors Tom Brennan and Steve Wacker have ably stepped in to help guide the course. And Clayton Henry has been providing beautiful illustrations, and birds have been singing and it’s a kind of triple-rainbow thing for the book to finally be on the stands. So… pick it up on Wednesday, and let me know what you think!

Spider-Girl # 1. It begins! Lo, the Spider-Girl cometh! It all starts here! Hark... I hear a Spider-Girl! Do you want fries with that?

Also… don’t forget, you can actually follow The_Spider_Girl on an official in-continuity twitter, for behind the scenes looks at Anya / Spider-Girl, her adventures, what she thinks of doing her laundry and the villains she’d LEAST like to fight.

The first issue also has a backup story by Emmy award winning Dean Haspiel.


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6 Responses to It is time for… Spider-Girl!!

  1. Paul Tobin

    Yep. The BBC have been very kind to me of late. I think I’m scheduled for some live BBC talk show tonight, if we can work out the logistics. Should be fun / daunting.

  2. Paul Sebert

    Snagged a copy of Spider-Girl #1 today. It’s perhaps the most I’ve enjoyed a comic in months.

  3. Paul Tobin

    Thanks! Fantastic to hear. I’ve grown to really like Anya.

  4. Smitty

    Paul, paul, paul…

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I caught just a glimpse – a couple pages previewed on CBR – of Spider-Girl 2 and I have to say I will be getting plenty of this. Is this the first time you’ve worked with C. Henry? The material just looks extremely polished and well meshed. Congrats on finally getting it out there. I’m officially on board.

  5. Paul Tobin

    Worked with Clayton at least once before that I can remember… a few years back on What If issue, with Wolverine and Spider-Man. Yeah… he’s good.

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