Look into my eyes, Superboy

The best part about this cover (and there are LOTS of great things about this cover) is how intently Superboy and the monster are staring into each other's eyes. I think there's something romantic going on. Tag THIS post as DADT.


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  1. Paulke

    Excellent! I don’t see their gaze as romance, I see “I’m going to win this seesaw game by such a wide marin, there will be no disputing the outcome!” Superboy always competes against the hairiest monsters.

    Love the blog!

  2. Jason Caskey

    How I long for the day you dip your writing-toe into the DCU; my first request will be that you revive that monster.

  3. Paul Tobin

    I can definitely see the “competition” possibility. I’m not sure how to win a game of seesaw, though. Is it like bull-riding, where if you can somehow throw your opponent, you win?

  4. Paul Tobin

    Did you see my Riddler story in the Batman 80 page giant? My toes are dipped! There’s another short story coming up in the DCU, and then a fill-in issue I can’t talk about, and then a strange little one-shot of which I’m forbidden to speak.

  5. Jason Caskey

    When does the Riddler-thing come out, or did my excitement over finding issues of M.A.R.S. Patrol cause me to miss it?

  6. Paul Tobin

    Came out… about three weeks ago, I think?

  7. Jason Caskey

    D’oh! I’m sure one of the shops in town will surely still have copies!

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