Random Batman Cornucopia

I often find myself grabbing Batman related images from my CDM (Computerized Distraction Machine) for no particular reason, and now I think I’ll just put them all here. For no particular reason.

Huzzah! Let's just charge right into all the Bat-fun, shall we?

I like this one because it shows the deep and melancholy side of Batman. Kicking a robber in the face can't be the only way he expresses himself. I wonder what he's singing. Some sort of ballad to Catwoman? A medley of Frank Sinatra songs? Enter Sandman?

It's okay for me to laugh at this kid and his portrait. Because, deep down, I am him. Or worse, my portrait would have been me dressed like Conan with some high school girl clutching my leg, putting up with my idiocy because I promised her a free meal at the Waffle-Rama.

I cannot look at this without laughing. Other than pretty girls in dresses riding bicycles, this is my favorite thing in the world.

It's too cold for pretty girls to wear dresses while riding bicycles these days... so I'll have to settle for Adam West riding a baby elephant. That's cool. I'm cool with that.

Dark Knight, hell! This is the Bright Knight. I love this guy. He makes me partially gay. And don't miss Robin and the rest of the crew following up behind him.

Somewhere out there, five Jokers are getting away with a lot of crime, and five Catwomans are posing for a picture for which I WILL PAY GOOD MONEY.

I still think the person who saw this grocery aisle, and made this image, is as brilliant as Audrey Hepburn was beautiful.

And that's it. That's all you need.


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2 Responses to Random Batman Cornucopia

  1. Dean

    I’m pretty sure that Rollerblading Rainbow Legwarmer Batman is from a discarded early draft of Batman RIP, but Morrison decided to go with his first idea and use ‘the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh’ instead. A mistake? Perhaps.

  2. Paul Tobin

    It really does have that certain Morrison feel!

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