Bandette! For Free!

So… if you haven’t heard, Colleen and I have so enjoyed producing our Bandette comic that we’ve decided to do more. And to do it FOR FREE!

That's right. FREE! How's that hit ya?

What we’re doing is a series of short stories, of two pages each, for the most part. Each of the stories, released over time, will have a super-nifty guest artist and focus on one character in specific, such as Heloise (BD Belgique’s assistant) or members of the “urchins” such as Freckles, Daniel, or the Three Ballerinas. These stories, collectively known as Urchin Stories, will eventually be collected and offered for sale on ComiXology, but to begin with, each of them will be offered FOR FREE at Monkeybrain!

There’s one waiting for you there RIGHT NOW! It features BD Belgique and is illustrated by our first super-nifty guest artist… STEVE LIEBER! Just click on the link! It’s FREE!

And if you haven't already been reading Bandette, you could go do that, too. There are two episodes at ComiXology and they are a mere 99 cents, each. A proper pittance, that is!

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