Abandoned Insanity: It’s even Colder

I did a bushel of research into insane asylums when I was writing Colder, and some of the images have lived with me, and haunted me, and so I thought I’d share, largely because I’m afraid the rest of you are getting a good night’s rest. Well… enough of that.

The images below are all taken from this book, which is a delightful morning read. I suggest orange juice, a bowl of Lucky Charms, a slice of toast with a marmalade spread, and all the gibbering insanity that comes from intaking the horror of these lost lives.

The Buffalo State Hospital served as one of the visual catalysts for the fictional Sansid Asylum in Colder. Why did we choose this one? Because... HOLY FUCK LOOK AT IT. You can't help but picture Sauron's eye on this thing.

Not even kidding when I say the angles / architecture / paint job of this hallway makes my head go a little crazy. It just feels... wrong. This is what it's like when H.P. Lovecraft talks about angles being wrong.

In case you were wondering what a tree would look like if it was nourished on the flesh of blood of the insane, here you are!

This is one of those "gets worse and worse the more you think about it" images.

I've never seen a casket like this one before and I never want to again. It makes my soul ache.

This one doesn't get me... UNTIL I picture people watching me from those windows. Then I don't like it.

This seems like a good time to mention that the first three issues of Colder, by myself and Juan Ferreyra, are already out, and you want them, right?



Okay then... back to the horror. Here's a tub. Feel the isolation. Let it drift you away.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust collected in copper cans and arranged in endless rows on shelves, left unclaimed.

Seriously, did Walmart have like... a REALLY GOOD DEAL on razor-wire that day?

You want sadness and melancholy horror? Here it is! Picture these suitcases being packed for the trip to the insane asylum. Suitcases that would never be used again.

Welcome. Here are your new friends. Enjoy your stay.

And the door closes behind.





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