I’ve Never Wanted Scissors So Much

I've never known how barren my life was until I saw this 1970's advertisement for "Fabulous TV Detective Scissors." Who WOULDN'T want a pair of Columbo scissors? And Harry O? Sure! Kojak, Quincy, Rockford, Banacek and McCloud! I want the whole damn series. Sadly... I've been unable to find proof that these scissors ever actually existed, in which case Kafka was right and I can feel the abyss staring back at me.


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4 Responses to I’ve Never Wanted Scissors So Much

  1. Dean

    Like you should talk. I never felt the lack of delicious pushcart crepes until I read Colder #3. Now it feels like I am living an incorrect life.

  2. Paul Tobin

    I had some pushcart crepes in the Montemarte region of Paris a few years back and I’m still salivating. The crepe places in Portland just don’t measure, so I guess we’re both living our lives incorrectly. Damn.

  3. Internet says Michael Kupperman made that

  4. Paul Tobin

    Hah! That explains it. That rascal. Well, at least I’ll know not to scour the antique malls. Thanks, Dennis!

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