BANDETTE #8… out tomorrow!

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Have you been listlessly waiting for something good to read? Depressed by all the recent news? Looking for entertainment with presto? Well… oh hell yeah! It’s almost time for the release of the 8th Bandette installment! It’s the penultimate chapter of Bandette‘s mischief-laden battle against Absinthe and the forces of F.I.N.I.S! The Eisner-winning teenage thief has stolen into Absinthe’s very lair, where a madman awaits! This installment features my largely adequate writing, Colleen Coover’s top-notch charming artwork, a baby pig, candy bars, and a whole bunch of kissing!

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BANDETTE # 8 is available on ComiXology TOMORROW! And for a mere 99 cents! Fall in love all over again!


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