Today! The COLDER Trilogy Is Complete!


Volume Three

Out today! Colder: Toss The Bones, the third and final volume of Colder by me and Juan Ferreyra hits store shelves, making it possible for you to buy the entire series to read in collected form or give to some person you’d like to creep out.


Colder trade

Volume One

“Holy cow, this series, folks. Colder is about as good as it gets.” –IGN

“Horror today shocks more than scares and this book accomplishes both as this is an intense thriller that will take you on a ride you won’t soon forget.” –Forces Of Geek


Volume Two

“From its mysterious beginning to its frenetic end, Colder is a fast-paced and original horror-thriller worthy of your attention.” –Horror Novel Reviews

“Paul Tobin is able to capture the insanity of mental illness with relative ease, and crafts a chilling story unlike any other.” –Bloody Disgusting


ComiXology (digital issues & collections)

Things From Another World

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