How to Capture an Invisible Cat! It’s Friday the 13th!


Tired of endlessly reading the same old thing? Running around in circles on the same books? Maybe it’s time to pick up How to Capture an Invisible Cat, the first book in my Genius Factor series!

genius factor cover

In fact, it’s DEFINITELY time, because it’s Friday the 13th, a day that plays a major role in my series.


The books star Delphine Cooper and Nate Bannister, a genius that’s SO smart that he’s frankly a bit bored with having everything all figured out. So, in order to exercise his seemingly limitless mind, he does three incredibly not-so-very-smart things every Friday the 13th, challenging himself to deal with the fallout. In the first book, “How to Capture an Invisible Cat,” Nate transforms his family cat into a giant, invisible, and unfortunately-rampaging monster cat. Dealing with THIS Friday the 13th is going to be a serious challenge, especially when Nate’s nemesis, the evil Red Death Tea Society, chooses this time to launch their attack, causing untold chaos!

Screen shot 2016-05-13 at 9.51.31 AM

The adventure begins!

blahblahA friend posing with the UK editions.

The first book is out NOW, and further books (there are five volumes planned in the series) will be released at intervals of every nine months. Jump on NOW, on the fitting day of Friday the 13th, to join the fun!


Feel the power of the cat!

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