MADE MEN Coming Sept. 6! Comicosity Interview


Made Men #1 cover by Arjuna Susini with colors by Gonzalo Duarte

The debut of Made Men is coming on September 6 from Oni Press! Check out this interview with me by Mexi Gremillion at Comicosity – we talk about how the Frankenstein mythos influenced the story and some of the themes that Made Men will be exploring as the title continues.

From the interview:

Mexi Gremillion: Why Frankenstein? What drew you to be inspired by that specific gothic tale? What brought you to creating a story around it?

Paul Tobin: It’s always been a huge influence on me. I remember watching the old films as a kid, and Victor Frankenstein was this incredible mix of genius and reckless madman. And the monster, literally raised from the dead, but as a composite creature, given life once more, but a new life: his old life and even his old world were incredibly out of reach. To him, he lived again. To the world, he was worse than dead. All of these various dichotomies are, I think rich avenues to study. I’ve always wanted to throw my hat into the ring and, more importantly, to go far beyond Victor, to explore other members of the Frankenstein family. History is rife in many areas with families that excel in the same areas: brothers who are incredible basketball players. Sisters who understand the intricacies of physics. That made me wonder, “Who else in the Frankenstein family had a talent for resurrection?”

Read the rest of the interview at Comicosity.


Variant cover by Juan Ferreyra!

MADE MEN is a new action dark-comedy mini-series written by me, and artist by Arjuna Susini (Mistry P.I., Shikari Force: Hunters) with colors by Gonzalo Duarte (Big Trouble in Little China, Brik), arriving in comic shops September 6, from Oni Press!

Variant cover by my Colder teammate, Juan Ferreyra (Green Arrow)!

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