Next Week: MADE MEN #1!


Made Men #1 cover art by Arjuna Susini

The first issue of Made Men is coming from Oni Press to comic shops everywhere on Wednesday, Sept. 6! I’m very excited to have everyone see what Arjuna Susini and I have created!

I’ve been making the rounds, talking about the new series with various media outlets. Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview at

SYFY: The story of Frankenstein has a rich history of being taken apart and put back together in new ways and new genres, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it mashed up with a gritty crime story. What initially inspired you to explore the potential in combining the two?

PAUL TOBIN: I think it was the wealth of crime dramas and detective shows on tv and in the movies, etc. Somebody is always getting murdered and then someone steps in, tracks down the murderer, either killing them or sending them off to prison, and there’s always this moment of, “Ta-dah! I solved everything!” But I was always thinking of how… no. They didn’t solve everything. That guy’s wife is still dead. That woman’s boyfriend was still murdered. And, as satisfying as it was to watch John Wick extract horrible vengeance… it didn’t change the fact that his dog was dead. So, I wanted some way for the good guys (or the good-ish guys, in this case) to step in and say, “Yeah. I really DID solve this. Your wife is alive and, incidentally, John Wick, here’s your dog.”

Read the whole piece here!

Alternative cover art by Juan Ferreyra

Alternative cover art by Juan Ferreyra

MADE MEN is a new action dark-comedy mini-series written by me, and artist by Arjuna Susini (Mistry P.I., Shikari Force: Hunters) with colors by Gonzalo Duarte (Big Trouble in Little China, Brik), arriving in comic shops September 6, from Oni Press!

Variant cover by my Colder teammate, Juan Ferreyra(Green Arrow)!


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