Paul Tobin

Bandette_paulPaul Tobin is a New York Times-bestselling author. His writing includes Bandette; Colder; and many other comic books, graphic series and works of fiction. Bandette, drawn by Colleen Coover, was awarded the Eisner Award for Best Digital Series in 2013; again in 2016; and was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award for Graphic Literature in 2016. Paul’s graphic novel I Was the Cat, created with artist Benjamin Dewey, was nominated for an Eisner in 2015.

The Genius Factor: How to Capture an Invisible Cat, first in Paul’s series of five novels for middle-grade readers, debuted in 2016 from Bloomsbury Kids in the USA, the UK, and worldwide. The second book in the series, How To Outsmart A Billion Robot Bees, came out in 2017, and the third, How To Tame A Human Tornado, in 2018.



The Genius Factor: How to Capture an Invisible Cat – March 2016

Colder: Toss The Bones – May 2016

Plants vs. Zombies: Grown Sweet Home – June 2016

Mystery Girl Vol. One – July 2016

Plants vs. Zombies: Petal to the MetalSeptember 2016

Bandette Vol. 3: The House Of The Green MaskOctober 2016

Plants Vs. Zombies : Boom Boom Mushroom - January 2017

The Genius Factor: How To Outsmart A Billion Robot Bees - March 2017

Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle Extravagonzo – June 2017

Made Men comic series – began September 2017

Colder: Omnibus Edition – September 2017

Plants Vs. Zombies: Lawn Of Doom – October 2017

Plants Vs. Zombies: The Greatest Show Unearthed – February 2018

The Genius Factor: How to Tame A Human Tornado – March 2018

Messenger web comic – May 2018

Plants Vs. Zombies : Rumble In Lake Gumbo  – June 2018

Made Men Vol. 1: Getting the Gang Back Together – July 2018

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Volume 2 – September 2018

Plants Vs. Zombies : War and Peas –  October 2018

Banana Sunday – October 2018

Plants vs. Zombies: Dino-Might – February 2019

Plants vs. Zombies: Snow Thanks – June 2019

Plants vs. Zombies: A Little Problem – October 2019

Heist: Or, How To Steal A Planet comic series- October 2019

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Volume 3– November 2019


Plants vs. Zombies: Better Homes and Guardens– February 2020

Plants vs. Zombies: The Garden Path – June 2020