How To Capture An Invisible Cat


North American edition – Cover and illustrations by Thierry Lafontaine

Book One of The Genius Factor.

Every Friday the 13th, 6th grade genius and inventor extraordinaire Nate Bannister does three not-so-smart things to keep life interesting. This time, he taught a caterpillar math, mailed a love letter, and super-sized his cat Proton before turning him invisible.

As Nate and his new (well, only) friend Delphine race to stop Proton from crushing everyone and everything in town, they come face-to-face with Sir Jakob Maculte (the twenty-seventh lord of Mayberry Castle and leader of the nefarious Red Death Tea Society). Known for its criminal activity, killer tactics, and impressive tea brewing skills, the Red Death Tea Society will do anything to get in their way.

Nate and Delphine must pull out every mind-blowing gadget, half-perfected invention, and unproven but theoretically sound strategy they’ve got up their sleeves in order to survive to see Saturday the 14th!

Eisner winner Paul Tobin’s extraordinarily madcap middle grade debut features black and white illustrations from film talent Thierry Lafontaine. The UK edition, out in April 2016, is illustrated by Katie Abey.

How To Capture An Invisible Cat is the first book in the Genius Factor series. It is followed by How To Outsmart A Billion Robot Bees.


UK edition - Cover and illustrations by Katie Abey

UK edition – Cover and illustrations by Katie Abey

“Middle grade readers, future inventors, and adventure-seekers will enjoy Nate and Delphine’s encounters in this The Genius Factor title. Recommended.” –  School Library Connection

“This odd couple prove that teamwork works, and news of a sequel will likely be met with applause.” –  Booklist

“Aimed equally at boys and girls . . . This winning, consistently funny, smartly silly adventure could be one of Nate’s kooky gadgets, a middle-grade reading attractor.” –  Kirkus Reviews

“Tobin uses humor and great imagination to offer younger middle grade readers a delightful romp that will appeal to fans of madcap adventure . . . . Ideal for book clubs. The easy flow of dialogue and vocabulary will help build fluency and keep readers’ attention.” –  School Library Journal

“The perils come thick, fast and covered in peanut butter. It’s snort-out-loud funny and – surprisingly, perhaps – brimming with actual physics.” – The Guardian (UK)


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