How To Outsmart A Billion Robot Bees


North American edition – Cover and illustrations by Thierry Lafontaine

Book Two of The Genius Factor.

It’s Friday the 13th again, and for sixth grade genius Nate Bannister, that means doing three more not-so-smart things to keep life interesting. But he has bigger problems than his own experiments. His nemesis, the Red Death Tea Society, is threatening to unleash a swarm of angry bees on the city of Polt if Nate doesn’t join their ranks. But then a new group of people with murky intentions shows up — the League of Ostracized Fellows — and they want Nate as their own, too. To top it off, he’s convinced there’s a spy in his very own school.

Nate must once again team up with his new, resourceful, friend Delphine to save the day. They’ll need the help of Nate’s crazy gadgets, such as his talking car Betsy and super-powered pets Bosper the Scottish terrier and Sir William the gull, if they hope to see another Friday the 13th. Because they might be battling more than just sting-happy bees and villains with a penchant for tea this time around.

How To Outsmart A Billion Robot Bees is the second book in the Genius Factor series. It is preceded by How To Capture An Invisible Cat.



UK edition – Cover and illustrations by Katie Abey

“Credit Paul Tobin for the story’s architecture and planning 10 steps ahead of the reader. It’s a story that is utterly impossible, yet has enough real world science terms to make you want to believe that it can happen. It’s also fun. Upper elementary school reader and higher will laugh out loud and look forward to the next installment of The Genius Factor series.” – Daddy Mojo on HOW TO OUTSMART A BILLION ROBOT BEES

“Filled with scientific inventions and secret agencies, How to Outsmart a Billion Robot Bees will become a favorite of middle grade readers, whether they are into science or not.” – BNKids Blog on HOW TO OUTSMART A BILLION ROBOT BEES

“Fans of How to Capture an Invisible Cat will find an agreeable extension of its high jinks.” – Kirkus Review on HOW TO OUTSMART A BILLION ROBOT BEES

“This is a series that I will happily recommend to any fans of fantasy, science, or middle grade/middle school male-female dynamics. Highly recommended for any reader, age eight and up, and a must purchase for libraries everywhere.” –  Jen Robinson’s Book Page on HOW TO OUTSMART A BILLION ROBOT BEES



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