How To Tame A Human Tornado

US edition

Friday the thirteenth was totally normal. By ‘normal’, I mean that my good-for-nothing brother was absolutely not turned into a zebra while I was being suffocated by a million frogs. There were no levitation pills, time-freezing guns or robot octopuses, and I certainly didn’t turn my classmate into a human tornado that destroyed most of the town. That would be preposterous.

No, it was just another ‘normal’ day with my best friend Nate – who just happens to be a genius.

The third volume of The Genius Factor series features black and white illustrations from film talent Thierry Lafontaine. The UK edition is illustrated by Katie Abey.

UK edition“What makes How To Tame a Human Tornado succeed is the pace of the book, combined with its creativity. Seemingly every three pages they’re presented with an absurd, impossible situation, like their family members turning into zebras, being chased by rubber robots or encountering so many toads that they’re being buried. They handle each of these situations and more with wit, friendship and STEM based science that readers are left wondering what’s possible and impossible.” – Daddy Mojo on HOW TO TAME A HUMAN TORNADO
“Filled with scientific inventions and secret agencies, How to Outsmart a Billion Robot Bees will become a favorite of middle grade readers, whether they are into science or not.” – BNKids Blog on HOW TO OUTSMART A BILLION ROBOT BEES
“Fans of How to Capture an Invisible Cat will find an agreeable extension of its high jinks.” – Kirkus Review on HOW TO OUTSMART A BILLION ROBOT BEES

“This is a series that I will happily recommend to any fans of fantasy, science, or middle grade/middle school male-female dynamics. Highly recommended for any reader, age eight and up, and a must purchase for libraries everywhere.” –  Jen Robinson’s Book Page on HOW TO OUTSMART A BILLION ROBOT BEES