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New Comic Debut! MESSENGER Begins on LINEWebtoon! FREE!

Announcing the debut of Messenger, the free weekly webcomic by me and artist Ray Nadine! Messenger is a new series on LINE Webtoon, the cross-platform app which is also free to install on any of your various mobile devices! Ray and I have been working on this project for a while and we are very pleased to have it available to the world! For FREE!

Messenger follows Dare Crilley, a bike messenger who is utterly unsurpassed. She scoffs at bad weather, traffic is barely an obstacle, and she’s never missed a delivery. That’s good, because Dare is about to discover her mysterious new client is literally divine, and that a dispute between the gods means the fate of the universe rests on a series of increasingly more difficult bicycle deliveries. Will Dare fail on any of these fateful missions? Can she assemble all the parts for the Legendary Divine Bicycle? One thing’s for sure, Dare never backs down… when it’s time to deliver.

If you’re not familiar with LINE Webtoon, you should be! It’s a digital platform for thousands of free webcomics, with several “Daily Featured” curated titles (of which Messenger is one) posted each day of the week. In addition, the “Discover” section allows indie creators to upload their own comics at their own schedule. Genres range from fantasy to slice-of-life to drama to adventure to super-hero to horror. Webtoon comics come from creators in every corner of the world, so there really is something for everyone. But mostly Messenger. And in case I forgot to mention it before, it’s FREE.

Visit webtoons.com to read on your internet browser, or download the free LINE Webtoon app to read Messenger and thousands of other free comics on your mobile device:

iOS (from iTunes) / Android (from GooglePlay)


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